After Booking Dr. H.

Following are items that will assist the meeting planner and Dr. Hammerschlag in preparing for the program:

In preparation for your program, Dr. Hammerschlag would like to review materials that allow him to have a better understanding of your organization, including:

• Product brochures
• Annual report
• Newsletters
• Organizational profile
• Programs from previous meetings
• Program/agenda for upcoming event
• Promotional mailings for upcoming event

Pre-Program Questionnaire

Click on the above title for questions that will assist Dr. H. in preparing for the program AV Requirements

• Wireless lavaliere microphone
• LCD projector with remote
• Projection screen appropriate to the size of the audience
• If product is to be displayed or Dr. Hammerschlag is to
offer a book signing, please place a draped table at the back
of the room or in an appropriate space for attendee access.

For questions, please call 602-468-1141


Click on title above for background information for the meeting
planner in preparing marketing pieces for the upcoming event.


Click on title above for a suggested introduction for the
person who will be introducing Dr. H. on the platform.

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