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"Your presentation was the best, most relevant and on the point, that I have seen in twenty years."
— Frank Tooke, Trustee, Sisters of Charity

Psychiatry and the Art of Listening

NOVEMBER 2012 • CLINICAL PSYCHIATRY NEWS It’s becoming the exception for a psychiatrist to spend more than 15 minutes speaking face-to-face with patients. This is the unfortunate concomitant of a medical culture that reimburses us more for 15minute medication reviews than for talking to patients for an hour. Yet, we know that connecting with patients […]

Seeing in the Dying Light: A Ketamine Case Study

MAPS Journal, Vol XVI, No. @, Autumn, 2006 Ketamine is a pre-anesthetic adjunct first manufactured in 1965. A Schedule III drug, ketamine has accepted medical uses and can be prescribed by physicians, dentists and veterinarians. It is a short-acting dissociative with some psychedelic-like characteristics. Ketamine poses minimal risk of cardiac and respiratory complications, although, unlike […]

Lifestyles: Rediscovering Medicine’s Sacred Mission

Are you burning out? You’re not alone. It’s clear that today’s doctors just aren’t as happy as they could be — or should be. By Barbara A. Gabriel, MA Physicians Practice spoke with a physician renowned for his sound advice and calm demeanor about how you can do the job you love and still remain […]

The Healer

Carl Hammerschlag, M.D., Paradise Valley Author, physician, psychiatrist, speaker In Dr. Carl Hammerschlag, the spirits of New Mexico Native Americans still roam after more than four decades. They transformed the son of German Holocaust survivors into a heralded psychiatrist, accomplished author, speaker and bona fide character. “Something happened in Indian Country that changed my life,” […]


Carl A. Hammerschlag is a master storyteller and internationally recognized author, physician, and speaker. A Yale-trained psychiatrist; he has spent more than twenty years working with Native Americans. Now one of the worlds leading proponents of psychoneuroimmunology ( m i n d – b o d y – s p i r i t medicine), […]

Speaking With Soul

By Carl A. Hammerschlag M.D., CPAE (Dr. Hammerschlag is an internationally recognized psychiatrist, author and healer. He is the only physician to hold the CPAE, Speakers Hall of Fame Award. He can be reached at www.healingdoc.com) Our job as speakers is to get people’s attention and touch them in a way that leaves them enriched […]

Erickson as Healer

(B.A. Erickson and B. Keeney, Milton Erickson: An American Healer, April, 2006, pp.270-275) Milton Erickson was the last great psychiatric hypnotist. In an unbroken line from Mesmer to Freud, he taught the critical importance of trance states: those states in which learning and openness to change are most likely to occur. Daydreams, meditations, prayers, being […]

Tom Cruise And the State of Psychiatry

PR Newsletter July 05 Tom Cruise, the preeminent actor and public spokesperson for Scientology has been in the press recently calling psychiatry a pseudoscience and that psychiatrists have never helped anybody. He says “there is no such thing as chemical imbalance in the brain” and what people need to do is explore the underlying reasons […]

Bluegrass Blessing

Caring Magazine – (Vol. 24:5) My friend, Rubin, is a university chemistry professor, and also a practitioner of Ericksonian psychotherapy. His focus is treating patients facing end-of-life issues. Rubin wrote to me recently about his friend, Mary, living with ovarian cancer for the last four years. After the initial surgery and chemotherapy, she went into […]

Accelerated Unlearning

By Carl A. Hammerschlag, M.D. Welcome to the new business world of fast companies, nanotechnology, zero time and E-commerce. This is the information revolution where all new information becomes old with the click of the keyboard. Success in today’s marketplace has nothing to do with having access to information or being able to transmit it […]

Dr. Carl A. Hammerschlag, M.D., CPAE is a psychiatrist, author, and professional keynote speaker. He is an authority in the science of psychoneuroimmunology mind, body, spirit medicine and speaks about health and wellness, healing, leadership and authenticity . He has delivered motivational keynote speeches to corporate and business clients around the world.