Satisfied Clients

After over 5,000 listening hours of audio, video on the subject of philosophy and achievement ranging from Socrates, Nightingale to Victor Frankl,  Dr Hammerschlags’ presentation yesterday at the National Speakers Association ranked within the top ten speeches I have seen or heard on this earth.

Steve Thomas

Pres Landnet Systems, Inc. Scottsdale, Az

The content of your session was exactly what we wanted, and the attendees
agreed, giving you a phenomenal rating of 4.89, 5 being perfect. Speakers like
you make our job easy!

Diane Spiegel

CA Credit Union League

“Thank you, Dr. Carl, for your message and the warmth you demonstrate in bringing it to us. You were asked a question about rating and ranking employees against each other. I don’t know if the change in our performance management process last week comes as a result of your answer or was a mere coincidence, but it has changed and I am grateful for that.”

Freescale Semiconductors

“I have been coming to HDI for 5 years now. Dr Hammerschlag was by far the most moving speaker I have had the pleasure to listen to. Please bring him back as a keynote!”

Help Desk Institute

“Your program at our leadership Conference received outstanding reviews. As you know our company is going through some major changes; your message was extremely timely and well received. You are easy to listen to and you educated us to another level. Your program gave people a big-picture perspective on how we go through changes and it is our own personal resilience and inner strength that helps us deal with change.”

Tom Lawless, CFS, CFP

American Express Financial Advisors

“We gave you the toughest time slot possible for a major conference speaker, after lunch in a dark tent in 100-degree head. Our sleepy, skeptical attendees, who believed they’d heard it all before, were positively transformed by your words and songs. I actually saw people being uplifted by your message.”

Kristian Chou

Conference Chair, International Spa Association

“Your presentation truly touched our members and left them revitalized to return to their sacred work of caring for our nation’s elderly. In my nine years with ACHCA, I do not recall our association ever giving a keynote speaker a standing ovation!”

Jan Lamoglia

Director of Professional Development& American College of Healthcare Administrators

“This is a hightly discerning (read: critical) group not to prone to generousity of spirit. The fact that your session was greeted with overwhelming superlatives indicates that you had broken down their own perceptions and perhaps did help them to recognize or rekindle their own sixth senses. Thank you for sharing your wisdom. And ‘wisdom’ is a word I almost never use.”

Mike Muckian

Director of CUNA Councils,CUNA Marketing Council (Credit Union National Association)